Hong Kong LED lighting manufacturers test the water market in Nigeria

When it comes to LED industry in emerging markets, the manufacturers will invariably think of India, Russia and the Middle East these three emerging markets. However, few companies will test the water market in Africa, and Hong Kong LED lighting manufacturers iFLUX company has plans to enter the Nigerian market.

Hong Kong LED lighting manufacturers test the water market in Nigeria

According to Vanguard news, LED lighting expert iFLUX company has established flagship store in the Nigerian capital Lagos Alba international market and provide LED lighting products provide two-year warranty.

iFLUX flagship store will showcase the company's main high-end LED lighting products, which will be iFLUX in Nigeria's first LED lighting stores.

In addition, iFLUX company also plans in late 2016 to establish 10 LED lighting stores in African countries.

iFLUX companies in Nigeria store showcases high-end LED lighting products, LED lighting products from the world's best engineers with a stylish modern optical design for production, and a lot of customers of the store's LED lighting products are very satisfied.

iFLUX is the first African country to focus on high-end LED lighting products, lighting brand.

It is reported that, iFLUX company's goal is to provide end users with high quality Nigerian Shipping LED products.


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