Hong Kong's total exports of LED lighting products fell

Hong Kong lighting industry exports a variety of lighting products, generally used for residential decoration and home lighting. The largest export categories include hand-held lamps for battery operation, such as flashlights, lanterns, portable incandescent lamps, and LED lights for outdoor, sports and / or diving.

Hong Kong's total exports of LED lighting products fell

In addition, there are many companies operating table lamps, desk lights, bedside lights and seat lamp business. Other export categories include wall lamps and ceiling lamps, chandeliers, lighting equipment and decorative lighting, such as Christmas trees with complete sets of lighting, shade and so on. Manufacture of lamp shell and shade materials are plastic, die-cast metal, crystal, glass, ceramic and polished copper. Some companies also produce neon lights, light signs and lighting brands for advertising or interior decoration purposes.

Most of the lighting products manufacturers in Hong Kong have relocated their factories to mainland China, and the Hong Kong office is responsible for product development, marketing and logistics support. They usually single-handedly product design, plastic injection molding, vacuum coating, enamel coating and assembly process.

In view of the ever-changing market, technology continues to progress, Hong Kong companies are focused on rapid response, in order to provide customers with efficient service. Many Hong Kong businessmen have further strengthened the quality assurance and environmental management system, access to ISO 9000 certification and ISO 14000 certification, namely the internationally recognized quality management system standards and environmental management system standards.


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