How to evaluate whether the LED lamps are energy efficient

The eyes of the general public, as a new type of lighting technology, LED basic and energy has been equated with the equal sign. However, LED lighting really energy? How to evaluate whether a LED lighting energy?

How to evaluate whether the LED lamps are energy efficient

The luminous efficiency of the light source

LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a light-emitting diode, is a power can be converted into visible light solid-state semiconductor components, like the traditional incandescent and halogen lamps behind the principle of heat radiation, fluorescent lamps, mercury lamps, sodium lamps and gold Halogen lamp is the same principle of gas discharge, LED itself is also a technology, a light principle.

The luminous efficiency of the light source (often referred to as light efficiency): the ability of the luminous body to convert electrical energy into visible light, measured by the ratio of luminous flux to power, in units of lm / w.

Electrical energy efficiency

In addition to incandescent and linear halogen lamps, other light sources need to be equipped with lighting appliances. Lighting appliances also have the problem of power utilization, that is, electrical appliances from the power grid used to drive the light source to light the ratio.

Most of the brand manufacturers, will also be in the product sample or single page to provide electrical system efficiency parameters, as shown below, we can ask the manufacturer to provide the relevant parameters.

Lamp efficiency

Lamp efficiency is better understood, in simple terms is the light inside the light and light all the light source in the standard conditions issued by the ratio of light, usually LOR said.

LOR = luminous flux emitted by the lamp / luminous flux of all light sources within the fixture

How to evaluate whether a LED lighting energy?

For example, a common 3 * 18W lamp, the total light source is 3600lm, if the measured light out of the 1800lm, we say that the efficiency of this lamp is 50%.

Lamp performance

(If the lighting design process is divided into light selection, light distribution and use of three parts, then we today's discussion is limited to the "election", the light is not limited to the use of light, Light "this part), evaluation of a lamp is not energy-saving, need to combine the above three aspects of the lamp performance:

Lamp effect = luminous flux emitted by the lamp / (light source power + electrical loss) = luminous flux emitted by the light source * LOR / (light source power + electrical loss)

How to evaluate whether a LED lighting energy?

LED lamps are energy saving?

Clarify the evaluation of a lamp energy saving standards, we can judge the merits of these two lamps.

With a brand of 3 * 14W grille, for example, when it uses three 14W / 1200lm lamp, equipped with a single tube 14W ballast and a double tube 2 * 14W ballast, the system power For 18 + 32.5 = 50.5W. Grille lamp efficiency LOR = 70%, then the lamp performance of 3600 * 70% / 50.5W = 49.9lm / W.

At this point, as long as the corresponding 3 * 14W replacement LED lighting fixture performance is higher than 49.9lm / W, we can say it is relative to the original grid lamp is energy efficient.

When we are in the design of the "selection of light" link, the main is to choose the right light source, matching the right electrical appliances, as well as the appropriate lighting, energy efficiency considerations is one of the important aspects.

In the design of the program to consider energy-saving, can not just look at what technology and what light source, that is to say do not think that LED is necessarily energy-saving, or depends on the light source, electrical and lighting the actual parameters, the best way is physical examination Kind and measurement, the most can see the problem.

Thus, we can also see that now very popular LED how much a watt, in fact, is very unreasonable, because the owners buy lamps to buy "light", rather than "power". With yuan / watt to measure the LED, it is likely to buy is very low light efficiency is not energy-saving LED products. If the amount of light from the light to consider the light, it may measure the economy is better indicators of yuan / thousand lumens, that is how much money to buy out how much light. The light is not used, it is another matter.


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