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How to use different types of LED lamps to create comfortable home lighting

LED lamps to provide adequate light in the room, meanwhile through the light to enhance the level of home decoration effect, according to the different light and shape of LED lamps, the style of the rooms are not the same. Unification of the international home furnishing consultants to introduce the various functions of the room LED lamps should have different types of rooms, the formation of a variety of lighting layout to make the home more texture, live more comfortable.

How to use different types of LED lamps to create comfortable home lighting

1, LED chandeliers

Chandeliers are wires or iron fishing, hanging ceiling lights in the room.

Applicable scene: ceiling is the most widely used type of LED lamps, multiple spaces are suitable for residential.

Installation specifications: When installing the installation height should be appropriate, 2.8 meters of the height of the chandeliers from the ground at about 2.2 meters adviser; unified furniture consultant introduction If the restaurant is equipped with chandeliers, the table should be at least 50 or more than 60 cm A pool of warm yellow light shines on the table, making the meal a very warm place.

2, LED ceiling lamp

Ceiling light is flat of the top of LED lighting, the bottom of the installation of the LED lights attached to the roof, it is also commonly used in home life LED lamps.

Applicable scene: shorter high-rise residential.

Installation specifications: ceiling lamps can’t be installed directly on combustible objects, should be taken to heat insulation or cooling measures.

3, LED wall lamp

Wall light is installed on the walls of the room lighting, which is used to assist the main lighting equipment to make space brighter. It has bedside wall lamp, corridor wall lamp, wall lamp and other types of stairs.

Applicable scene: corridor, balcony, stairs, bedroom, bathroom and other space.

Installation Specifications: Uniform Furniture Home Consultant introduction corridor wall lamp height, generally about 2.2 meters from the ground, the living room wall lamp at about 1.8 meters, bedroom wall lamp at 1.4 meters -1.7 meters.

4, LED lamp

Led lights that can be moved with the location of LED lamps, table lamps on the ground floor lamps are lights. It is the most flexible LED light fixture.

Applicable scene: bedroom, living room, study desk or floor.

Installation specifications: If used for writing or reading, the light source should choose warm white, the color temperature is about 4000K is to make the eyes more comfortable.

5, LED porch light

Entrance lamp is installed at the entrance of the LED lamps, decorated with a lamp at this location to help owners come and go, dressing, changing shoes convenient.

Applicable scene: entrance hall.

Installation specifications: it is the first door light, so the entrance lamp should be based on warm colors, the light can’t be too bright, or a door will feel dazzling. In the choice of LED lamps can choose small, exquisite LED lamps, people will have a good mood out.

In addition to the above types, there are many types of LED lamps, such as: embedded lamp, which is embedded in the structure to play the role of local lighting; foot lights, installed at a distance of about 20 cm from the ground for the occupants Night time to see the road with the LED lamps; In addition there are lights and garden lights, these two lights are generally installed in the villa with garden house.


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