India plans to replace the traditional lighting with LED lighting

According to Press Information Bureau of India has revealed that the Indian Ministry of Power has a number of measures to promote energy-efficient lighting industry proposed. India's Ministry of Energy's Energy Efficiency Agency (BEE) and the Indian semiconductor lighting contract energy management group (EESL) is working on the introduction of LED lights in government procurement business model "road map."

India plans to replace the traditional lighting with LED lighting

BEE and EESL the launch of LED government procurement business model requires: first, to ensure that the Indian market in sales of LED light quality and safety. Second, to reduce the price of LED lights. Beginning this year, the government through public procurement and launch large-scale LED lamp subsidy programs and other initiatives, to reduce the price of LED purpose. Third, the government has increased its efforts to foster public awareness of energy conservation.

At the same time, BEE states this year will also be given financial subsidies and other preferential policies to further promote and support the use of LED lights around the country. Starting this year, the Indian states of lights LED lights will be fully replaced by the government to give financial subsidies.

In addition, according to the Indian Ministry of Power also promote domestic electrification process, "Rajiv Gandhi Plan" (RGGVY) requires launched the "demand-side energy-efficient lighting plan" (DELP), in order to promote use LED lights to replace incandescent process. DELP plan starting this year, to 3.7 million poor families to Rs 10 subsidy offer to buy two high-quality LED lights.

Indian Prime Minister's Office also recommends that all government departments and its agencies can only purchase LED lights this year as a daily lighting lamps government, meanwhile, beginning this year, all government departments will be replaced as CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) LED lights traditional lighting and tube lights. Although compared with traditional lighting, LED lights cost more, but saving and long life and other characteristics of their own have been favored by the market. Thus, in the long run, the widespread use of LED lights to save energy can play a dual role of public expenditure.


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