India to promote LED lighting

Reporter from the recently held in India in 2015, LED products and technology exhibition by the Indian government plans to promote efficient lighting, LED in China market is big business in India.According to Mr Modi government efficient lighting plan, India will provide 770 million to 2018 years ago people LED bulbs.India LED products mainly rely on imports, of which a considerable part of the Chinese.

India to promote LED lighting

The exhibition was held in new Delhi on 3 solstice 5.Chinese companies account for a third of the total more than 200 exhibitors, the exhibition products including materials, chips, equipment, packaging and matching lamps, cover the whole LED industry chain.To participate in the exhibition of shenzhen famous company chan told reporters: "Indian businessmen streamed to see products, it's almost my booth to pop."Through the exhibition, she got the dimension of cross-section of the software company big customers like the new order.

At the fair, India's Delhi official approval testing laboratory issued a mandatory product registration system tables, on television, mobile phones, cash registers, plotter, and other products related to LED lighting system is put forward the new standard.The personage inside course of study says, these new standards will encourage manufacturers more efforts to improve product quality.

New Delhi energy minister Satyendra Jain had also announced that in the near future, the LED street light will become one of the standard facilities of new Delhi.The government is planning to overall change of the traditional street light as energy saving LED lights.

New Delhi city light is lighting energy consumption between about 60 billion megawatts (MW), and change into the LED light will be able to significantly reduce energy consumption.


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