Intelligent LED lighting is under a gold mine

  With the growing LED market competition, this year there have been LED business running, the closure of the news, the industry reshuffle in full swing. Merger integration has become the main theme of this year's LED industry, LED has entered into an era of change history. So, the future will be how to develop LED industry?

Intelligent LED lighting is under a gold mine

  As people continue to strengthen awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, as well as national policies favoring energy conservation and environmental protection industry, many owners of units of intelligent lighting systems require increasingly on the agenda. It also gives intelligent lighting enormous opportunities for development. In 2014 about the past, the development of intelligent lighting can be described in full swing, smart driver and dimming technology after another, intelligent lighting products market is also growing. The industry believes that intelligent LED lighting in the area or become a mining supply companies under a "gold mine."

  LED power supply toward the future must be highly intelligent direction, Grameen Run will also plan to get involved in the field of intelligent lighting driver.

  The next three years will be very critical of the prime time, will be more intense competition in the industry, and nearly two-thirds of SMEs will exit. To 2015, LED penetration rate will exceed 60%, the data than the previous forecast, but also means that the traditional lighting of the country basically been overcome.


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