Jiangsu Huai'an multiple road lights will carry out LED light source transformation

It is understood that this year, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province will upgrade the street lights of many roads in the main city, and replace the energy-saving LED lamps with higher illumination and lower energy consumption.

Jiangsu Huai'an multiple road lights will carry out LED light source transformation

This year, the focus of Huai'an City Street Lighting is to save energy and improve lighting quality. The planned renovation scope is Meicheng West Road (Huaihai South Road to Xi'an South Road Section), Tianjin Road (Yan'an East Road to Grand Canal Section), Datong Road (Huaihai North Road to Shuidukou Avenue Section), Beijing Road (Gu Huanghe River to Jiefang Road Section) ).

According to the relevant staff of the city's urban lighting management department, because of the long running time, the street lamps of these sections have problems such as aging of lamps, poor airtightness, oxidation and blackening of the reflectors, and the illumination is increasingly unable to meet the needs of the city. The traditional high-pressure sodium lamp on the road section is replaced with an LED light source, and the lighting effect of the new lamp will be greatly improved to fully meet the needs of the public.

In addition to replacing the lamps, the city's urban lighting management department will also carry out the transformation according to the actual problems existing in each road lighting. In addition, eliminating safety hazards is also an important goal of this year's streetlights.

Relevant staff introduced that this year's streetlight large and medium repair program is based on the actual situation of street lamp operation and maintenance, through multiple rounds of screening, research, and repeated argumentation, retaining the original pole and pole line during the life period, and strive to maximize save costs. In order to reduce the running cost of street lamps, the high-efficiency LED lamps used in this time are all adjustable light sources, which can be dimmed in real time according to the environment to achieve energy saving. It is estimated that the annual power consumption of street lamps after this renovation can save about 50%.


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