Kyocera uses purple LED to develop high quality lighting fixtures

Kyocera and high-end furniture brand Arflex Japan jointly developed the use of wavelength characteristics close to the sun's LED light source lighting equipment. This is the same as the furniture on the floor as the ceiling of the diffuse lighting, the brightness is equivalent to 150W halogen bulb.

Kyocera uses purple LED to develop high quality lighting fixtures

The light source used to purple LED-based, the combination of the three primary colors of light fluorescent material. Like sunlight, it emits a broad range of wavelengths from purple to red. Even the same color temperature of the white, than the existing ordinary LED light source closer to sunlight. Most of the existing LED light source with a combination of blue LED and fluorescent materials, the distribution of the wavelength distribution of light is not uniform. The blue LED-based white light source "looks very dark" (founded by Arflex Japan's Advisor Keiko).

With purple LED light source for the lighting equipment has been art museums, museums and some of the attention to the quality of space, such as the use of residential customers. But the power consumption than the blue LED-based lighting equipment, it has not been able to achieve as a common lighting equipment products. ArflexJapan believe that "the future will certainly usher in the era of purple LED, rather than the blue LED" (Paul Branch), from a few years ago began research and development. For the realization of product, and in the use of purple LED light source lighting design experience experienced long-term lighting artist will be three and orders to produce purple LED Kyocera cooperation.

In order to improve the heat dissipation, an air-cooled heat dissipation mechanism is provided. A ventilation hole is formed in a part of the lighting fixture so as to generate a flow of air from the lower side to the upper part of the lighting fixture by convection. And the lifetime of the light source is reduced to 100,000 hours. Far higher than the blue LED-based light source of about 40,000 hours. Using 58 LEDs. The total power consumption is 50W. LED and thermal body development is mainly responsible for Kyocera.

LED is specifically for the products of special products. To reduce costs, the purple LED chip Kyocera has been the product of general-purpose products, fluorescent materials, such as only part of the resin shell with special products. The product of the diffuse reflector lamp price of 28 million yen. As compared to the price and power consumption more emphasis on the quality of light for the target customers, the two companies are discussing the demand, such as the introduction of chandeliers and ceiling lamps and a number of new lighting apparatus.


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