LED filament lamp will replace incandescent lamp

According to statistics, in 2014 the world's annual demand for incandescent 9 billion, in 2014 China produced 4.344 billion incandescent. Incandescent lamp will soon be disabled around the world, what kind of light can be cost-effective similarity and replaced it? On today's lighting industry is undoubtedly a great opportunity and challenge! LED filament lamp as a new generation of security LED lighting source has come to the fore! LED filament lamp can do 360 degrees of the whole week light! Closest to the traditional tungsten light distribution. Standard LED filament lamp lit when the radiator is not hot! LED filament lamp color temperature setting is very convenient and simple! LED filament lamp performance is better than incandescent, easy to use, cheap consumer electronics products.

LED filament lamp will replace incandescent lamp

2015 China LED filament lamp annual outpsut of about 1.3 billion bulbs, 2016 may increase to 5 - 8 million bulbs! To directly fill the incandescent market there is a large capacity vacancies! So a great opportunity!

LED light filament lamp work is not hot, the safety performance is better than SMD's LED bulb; LED filament lamp cost-effective, so far there are price cuts, LED filament lamp is the best performance, Space, and SMD LED bulb costs have bottomed out! LED filament lamp is really can enter the people of the world family and public lighting, cheap and a new generation of energy-saving light source! Therefore, LED filament lamp to replace incandescent lamp is inevitable!


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