LED filament light development direction

At present the LED industry has emerged some flexible products, but mainly straight filament or curved filament. Ma Wenbo said that the crystal Taixing is more important is to allow flexible filament lamp to achieve the main lighting products, crystal Thai Star ready to consider the combination of graphene and materials to achieve the main lighting requirements of the light specifications.

LED filament light development direction

On the filament of another direction of development Intelligent LED filament lamp, Ma Wenbo said, because in the filament lamp will encounter more string change mode, a filament has 20 chips, each chip VF value is not the same, VF value of the difference will lead to uneven distribution of current, and uneven will lead to a wire current overload, which will lead to a sharp decline in the life of the filament. The crystal Thai Star in the filament inside the package of intelligent devices, the chip has a good current limiting characteristics, to ensure that the filament current in the 10-12mA, so that reliability will be very large extension.

The ultimate goal is to hope that through the application of these devices, the power to really get rid of. Because the current filament lamp head also contains power, and the future of the filament lamp does not need power, only through the package in the filament at both ends of the device current limiting characteristics to achieve with the incandescent light.


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