LED grow lighting significant advantage on medicinal plants

Cultivation of medicinal plants is based on the domestication of wild, make a production model of high quality and high yielding. Different medicinal plants on the ecological environment have different requirements, decisions of wild medicinal plants of its special growth environment, which is the artificial domestication environmental control put forward higher requirements. Artificial light plant factory due to its excellent environmental control capability, making rapid production and domestication of wild medicinal plants as possible.

LED grow lighting significant advantage on medicinal plants

Plant factory as a resource-intensive modes of production, can simulate the requirements of medicinal plants to maximize growth environment, while the introduction of multi-dimensional cultivation, can significantly improve the utilization per unit of land, productivity and economic efficiency. Light is the most important environmental plant growth factor, a suitable light environment is to achieve high yield and quality of medicinal plants most important prerequisite. Research and development of LED light source for optimal control of medicinal plants plant light environment possible.

For the cultivation of medicinal plants is, LED grow lamps prominent advantages: First, can emit a half-wave width of ± 20 nm monochromatic light environment can provide special plants required; the second is illumination with a linear relationship between the duty cycle , easy to adjust light intensity. The most commonly used artificial light, fluorescent lamps contain more blue light, incandescent and high-pressure sodium lamps contain more infrared light, its emission spectrum are fixed and can not effectively regulate light environment. Therefore, LED has obvious advantages in the domestication and cultivation of medicinal plants.

Plant Factory initial investment cost is large, the production of high added value of medicinal plants is an important direction for future development and trends. Use LED light source and gradually spread will make the plant medicinal plants precision environmental control advantages into full play.


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