LED has become the best light source for grow light

Traditional artificial light source intensity control, usually the use of the number of lamps and lighting distance to do the adjustment, and high pressure sodium lamp will produce high fever, can’t close the radiation, the common wavelength of conventional light source can’t make any changes. LED is a directional light source, the principle of light is cold light, small size can be more wavelength on the same lamp, you can use the current size to do the adjustment strength, and even use the pulse (pulse) mode control, coupled with high LED efficiency (power) Monochromatic wavelengths and the color of the complete category ... and so on, according to the different plant species, purpose and needs, designed into a variety of styles of light source, precise control of the required light / light, it is suitable for a variety of irradiation methods and types of plants Factories, these are the traditional light can’t do.

LED has become the best light source for grow light

According to the light source of the plant, choose the LED of different wavelengths, according to the LED output power, lamp efficiency, light angle and irradiation distance / area, find the relevant parameters, easy to design the best efficiency / demand LED plant lighting.

With the rapid development of LED, through the epitaxial and chip technology continued research and development, luminous efficiency year after year to enhance the stability of the LED application in the application of LED chip is a major breakthrough, especially 660nm and 730nm products.

The following picture shows the development of LED lighting applications (660 / 730nm), luminous efficiency to a steady rate of continuous improvement, 660nm high-power products have reached more than 60%, 730nm also reached 50%, 2018 continued towards higher targets, leading the industry. Plant plants compared to traditional agriculture, the need for higher energy consumption, higher light effect means that less electricity costs, electricity costs are long-term fixed operating costs, the use of LED in addition to effectively reduce lighting costs, long life Reduce the maintenance cycle of the problem, LED has become the best light source for plant lighting.


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