LED high bay light is safer

General lighting lamps are usually arranged uniformly on the work site above or the side walls, lighting the entire working area, we need to use larger power incandescent, halogen, high intensity discharge lamp or a large number of fluorescent lamps. Most of the mining lamps fall into this category. General lighting lamps for light distribution have higher requirements, extensive use of direct lighting and semi direct lighting of two types of light distribution, especially the latter. Semi-direct light illuminated part of the issue of up to illuminate the ceiling, you can increase the brightness of the ceiling to create a more comfortable and bright environment.

LED high bay light is safer

Local lighting is a way to improve working part of a floodlight illumination lamps. Its role can be based on the strengthening of general lighting, supplemental lighting, it can be in some of the usual places of lighting is not required (such as equipment maintenance, maintenance shops) as a temporary lighting. Most of their light distribution without strict rules. Local lighting is usually installed in the vicinity of the work area to use safety extra-low voltage (≤50V, AC RMS) incandescent, halogen light source. There are (portable) running lights, hanging lamps, work lamps, machine work lights. In some tall plants, and sometimes used as a local cast light lighting.

Mining lamp light source can be divided according to traditional light mining lamps (eg sodium mining lamps, mercury mining lamps, etc.) and led high bay light. Compared with the traditional mining lamp led high bay light has a great advantage:

1.LED high bay light high CRI RA> 70

2.LED high bay efficiency, more energy-efficient, equivalent to a 100W led high bay light can replace traditional 250W traditional mining lamp.

3. The traditional light fixtures have the disadvantage of high temperature, lighting temperature up to 200-300 degrees. The LED itself is a cold light, lamp temperature is low, more secure.

4.LED high bay in constant innovation, the latest model of the finned radiator mining lamp more reasonable heat sink design, greatly reducing the weight of mining lamps, so that the overall weight of 80Wled high bay light dropped to less 4KG, and perfectly solve the heat problem 80-300Wled high bay light.


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