LED lamps to create uniform office light

OSRAM brand new Apollon LED lighting (glare grade 19). Apollon lamps have a uniform "light window" shape, can be combined for ceiling lighting, OSRAM is dedicated to focus on intelligent light and the need for a variety of additional equipment, electrical contractors to create a variety of products. Compared to previous generations, Apollon's luminous flux increased by 15% to as high as 4,000 lumens, replacing at least three bulbs, and even four 18-watt (T8) bulbs, or four 14-watt (T5) grille lights. Called a cost-effective lighting alternative.

LED lamps to create uniform office light

Apollon has a variety of uses in office and public buildings, both as a ceiling-mounted square-mounted lighting fixture and as a ceiling and hanging lights. In addition, Apollon can also be used in computer display-intensive office space, conference room, hall and aisle and other scenes. The most prominent feature of the product is the lighting surface is absolutely uniform, there is no visible light. Will be installed on the ceiling to achieve "light window" effect, and a variety of shape design for the user to choose. With Apollon, users can use independent light windows or large areas of light to create a light ceiling. Due to the high luminous flux of Apollon, each room requires only a relatively small amount of installation to meet the lighting standards. Its uniform and uniform light distribution characteristics can also avoid reflection glare, strong contrast between light and shade and shadow and other issues.

Apollon uses a flat design, the control device is integrated in the light box. Its high-quality white plastic frame for injection molding components, can prevent the smooth surface of the cracks. Apollon can replace the previous lighting directly without rewiring. It is equipped with large-size integrated junction box, enabling all versions of the product to achieve rapid installation, and up to 2.5 mm diameter through the wiring.


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