LED light future will dominate the lighting market

According to "China phasing out incandescent route", since last October 1, China's ban on the import and sale of 60 watts and above ordinary incandescent lighting. From October 1, 2016, will ban the import and sale of 15-watt incandescent and above. This means low light efficiency, energy consumption, short life incandescent light will gradually withdraw from the stage.

LED light future will dominate the lighting market

Although the price point of view, incandescent lot cheaper, but if you want to achieve the same illumination intensity, 60-watt incandescent, energy saving lamps require only 12 watts, LED lights only need about 5 watts, you can save a lot of electricity.

Although physical stores rarely sell high-power incandescent lamp, but still a large number of high-power incandescent sell online, some stores even sell 500-watt bulb, the overwhelming majority of the wholesale price in more than a few dollars to dozens of blocks a money. Reporters also found on the Internet, some unique styling incandescent retro art Fan children sell, buyers are mainly used for family, bars, specialty shops decoration.

Energy-saving incandescent lamp can be saving more than 80% compared to the life of incandescent several times. Furthermore, its shape is no longer just a "bubble" type, but straight, U-shaped, screw type, and so on. Energy-saving lights the process is relatively slow, can not be like that frequent switching incandescent, energy saving lamps produce the effect, though fairly obvious, but energy-saving lamps in environmental biggest drawback is that contain mercury, improper recycling process will produce serious environmental pollution. Some analysts believe that a ton of energy-saving lamps can contaminate groundwater and soil 90--180.

Because of pollution problems, coupled with the LED lamp life longer. With related marketing officer, said: "Although sales are evenly divided, but the future will be the LED bulb market for the mainstream." According to the reporter, energy-saving lamp lighting time roughly 8000 hours, you can use four or five years, good quality LED lamp life can reach 50,000 hours, usually do not need replacement.

Currently, almost lighting effects LED lamp price is 2-3 times the energy-saving lamps. Now more and more consumers buy not only consider the price, and considering the effect of life, environmental protection and other aspects.


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