LED lighting companies need to establish a good brand image

  2014 LED lighting industry, LED lighting seems probable stir people's sensitive nerves, some people say this is the best of times, it was said that it was the worst of times, then the LED lighting market in 2014, in the end is good or bad?

LED lighting companies need to establish a good brand image

  At present, the LED lighting industry, especially second and third tier cities in the LED lighting market, basically showing the polarization of the situation: the average consumer focus on price, as long as the lamps are inexpensive, can be lit on the line, as the brightness of the lighting, color temperature illumination differences and brand, they do not care; and high-end customers are more focus on product quality and brand, as well as after-sales service and so on. Such an outcome, prompting lighting companies are also divided into two types, one is no brand, low price of low-end lighting company, one is to take the brand line, pay attention to product quality, high-end lighting business.

  But in the group's research, essentially all of the dealers have said that with consumer awareness of lighting more fully, the market demand will change, the share of low-end lighting market will gradually reduce and eventually brand LED replaced. For example, in the lighting of the city of Guangzhou, Foshan, Shenzhen and other more developed cities, selling mostly Philips, Panasonic, NVC, Op, the products, lighting products and other brand-Sen, and the customer is very strong brand awareness, brand penetration prefer high product.

  Especially in the second and third tier cities, is limited to the level of local economic development and consumption levels, LED brand products are mostly missing in the state, so many dealers have called opportunistic brand lighting products to fill the seats.

  For dealers, the product is not all, the brand of choice is the key. Standing in line market dealers, faced with a consumer, in addition to the product, the more committed to the quality of products sold on credit, technical services and after-sale protection. Under the so-called good shade tree, compared to small-scale single Li Bo body brands, those brands have a strong support group will give dealers more lucrative and more stable earnings prospects. So for dealers, choose a high-quality brand manufacturers, is equivalent to choose the one you can rely on the trees.


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