LED lighting products will be applied in many fields

National Development and Reform Commission and other departments recently issued a joint notice, the official issued "semiconductor lighting industry," thirteen five "development plan." "Planning" proposed in 2020, the overall output value of the semiconductor lighting industry reached 100 billion RMB, LED functional lighting output value of 540 billion RMB, LED lighting products accounted for the entire lighting industry, the proportion of total sales of 70% of the industry.

LED lighting products will be applied in many fields

Semiconductor lighting, also known as solid-state lighting, including light-emitting diode (LED) and organic light-emitting diode (OLED), with less power consumption, long life, rich colors and other characteristics, is a field of lighting technology revolution. Data show that the "second five" period, China's semiconductor lighting output average annual growth rate of about 30%.

"Planning" to determine the development goal is that by 2020, China's semiconductor lighting technology continues to break through the continuous improvement of product quality, product structure continued to optimize the steady expansion of industrial scale, industrial concentration gradually increased, the formation of more than one sales exceeded 100 Billion LED lighting business, cultivate one to two internationally renowned brands, about 10 domestic well-known brands; to promote OLED lighting products to achieve a certain scale applications; application areas continue to broaden the market environment more standardized, from the semiconductor lighting industry development Lay a solid foundation for power.

"13th Five-Year" semiconductor lighting industry to follow the development of the basic principles of demand-oriented, integrated innovation; optimize the stock, the development of incremental; coordinated development, focus on promoting the co-ordination of resources, open cooperation.

"Planning" stressed that to strengthen demand-led, to speed up the promotion of LED products. To promote the use of LED lighting products in public institutions, urban public lighting, transportation, industry and service industries, residents and special areas of emerging applications such as the promotion, focus on LED lighting products to enhance market share. 2020 LED efficient lighting products to promote the objectives include: public institutions to set an example, to promote the use of 300 million LED lighting products; to promote the field of urban public lighting demonstration and demonstration, to promote 15 million LED lights / tunnel lights, urban road lighting applications market share Rate more than 50%. Strengthen the field of transportation to promote the use of; to promote factories, shopping malls, supermarkets, office space and other places LED applications, to promote 1.5 billion LED lighting products.


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