LED lighting technology development in the future

With the LED technology continues to improve, the relevant LED application products have also been more and more attention, which is lighting with LED lamps is a very important one. The following describes the future development of LED lighting technology trends:

LED lighting technology development in the future

1, To abandon the current LED lighting is only the traditional lighting and LED light-emitting module design method, to fully consider the LED optical characteristics, the development of LED-specific lamps.

2, Power and control circuit design, power supply to change the current commonly used capacitor buck and impedance divider application, design a reasonable small current constant current source circuit, the drive current using the clock cycle modulation, LED lighting stability, while further improving the efficiency of power supply.

3, In the control circuit design, to focus on control, standard modular, system scalability in three areas.

4, In the current LED light efficiency and luminous flux limited circumstances, give full play to the characteristics of LED color diversity, the development of color control LED lighting control circuit.

5, To play the advantages of LED, LED lighting and photovoltaic systems developed with the lighting system.

6, The development of integrated indoor lighting integrated flat light source system, the development trend is LED lighting and building integration.

7, The development of LED lighting simulation system to speed up product development speed.

8, The development of solar energy and high brightness LED integrated technology to solve the solar cell system and LED lighting system matching and control technology.


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