LED lighting UL certification in USA have high cost

  It is understood that the current Chinese LED enterprises to enter the U.S. market, the biggest barriers is the need to get UL certification. UL American market is a stepping stone to knock the United States LED market, there is no UL certification will not be able to enter the American market. However, UL certified annual cost a lot of money, do a UL certification requires 50 million per quarter for each certification number probably have to pay more than 1000 dollars.

 LED lighting UL certification in USA have high cost

  Production in line with safety certification of products than the cost of the product is no safety certification would be much higher, about 50%, while in the United States selling safety certification of LED products, sales prices will also be much higher, flat margin, in general, in order to plate lamps, for example, the same 0.6 m × 0.6 m in a box mounted on top of an office lamp lighting, safety lights to sell 150 dollars, non-safety lamps sell 100 dollars, that's 1.5: the difference between one's .

  UL-CCIC Co. said the development of LED industry in China is growing very rapidly, certified amount between 20% to 30%, because the development of certified products are more rapid, may temporarily not have anything to restrict its development, and to promote certified products the export volume is increasing; addition, LED replacement products faster, for China's manufacturing industry, certification not only get certified, more is improve product quality and corrective products.


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