LED Panel light become the new popular product

Since 2009 when the home improvement field transition from the transition to ordinary Yuba integrated ceiling, panel lights will naturally become the new darling of the industry. On the one hand due to the LED technology advances and sophisticated, the popularity of flat-panel lights play a crucial role; the other hand, thanks to the LED panel light manufacturers its image and market positioning of publicity.

LED Panel light become the new popular product

It is understood, LED Panel Light product contains side-emitting straight light, frame materials are aluminum, plastic, aluminum, cold rolled steel + PC, etc., have also been focusing on packaging, light emitting side panel lights with light body thin, easy installation and transportation advantages, the disadvantage is easy luminous uneven. Advantages of direct type flat lamp is light uniformity, brightness sufficient; drawback is heavy, transportation and installation is relatively inconvenient.

Today, traditional kitchen lights LED panel light has basically been replaced many traditional lighting fixtures future will likely be flat lamp instead. Because now there are many home improvement do the whole house ceiling, supporting integrated ceiling, walls and roof are all pinch; some villas designed top two, top three, hanging out effect is quite good, but also easy and quick to install , and no pollution, flat light is very suitable.

LED Panel Light market share is growing year by year. According to statistics, the global commercial and industrial LED lighting market is expected to grow 30.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2012's 12.92 billion US dollars in 2019 to grow to $ 86.08 billion.

According to station correspondents stationed around the back line message stating, LED panel lights in the regional market, good reputation of the brand: Op, NVC, Mitsuo ? Aurora, privileged official, Panasonic and other brands, but the main wholesale and engineering more cost-effective dealer tendency brands, such as: sunshine Opp, Opie, backgammon, Kui ho, snow Wright, Langshi, home, Darwin, designers, three-Ling, Hong crown lighting.


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