LED panel light into the interior lighting

  With the expansion of the scope of LED application , indoor home lighting is the focus of many companies force . According to statistics, in 2012 LED flat lighting in architectural lighting market penetration rate of 56% , but also due to mature markets , growth has slowed. Outdoor lighting is a benefit from the government to create market demand, making LED flat lighting applications slow growth , 2012 LED flat lighting industrial lighting applications in the penetration rate is only about 6%.

 LED panel light into the interior lighting

  LED flat lighting in commercial lighting applications , the system from the early functional lighting , gradually turn -based lighting applications , as commercial lighting high turnover rate , prolonged use , making the LED panel lighting penetration and market size grows, 2012 LED panel lighting in the commercial lighting market penetration has reached 15%.

  Residential Lighting is the world's largest market , LED panel light bulb lighting system to quickly enter the residential lighting market , replacing traditional light bulbs , but the consumer price sensitivity is high, so 2012 LED flat lighting in the residential lighting market penetration rate of about 13 percent , have yet to be improved.

  Office lighting to save energy and appeal , LED panel light to replace the traditional fluorescent tube lighting is the main appeal, cut office lighting market , but LED tube T5 fluorescent tubes must also be faced with price competition , so in 2012 penetration only about 11 %, also there is still much room for growth .


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