LED white light chips quietly rise in price

According to the latest news, Apple will launch a new iPad Pro early next year, which may also use mini LED screens. Recently, there are media reports that Apple is exploring mini LED displays using 10,000 LEDs, each of which is less than 200 microns. Because there are more LEDs and more dimming zones, mini LED displays can provide deeper or darker blacks, higher brightness, richer colors, and greater contrast.

LED white light chips quietly rise in price

The mini LED industry chain has continuously increased prices during the year. According to high-tech LED data, the general lighting white light chip that has been in the downward price channel for the previous two years in the industry chain has quietly started the price increase mode in the past two months. Market news shows that HC Semitek, one of the leading LED chip companies, adjusted the price of lighting white light chips in November, with an increase of about 6%-8%. At present, the price of white light chips for general lighting in the market is between 60 yuan and 85 yuan per piece (2 inches), and the price of high light efficiency white light chips is about 100 yuan to 150 yuan per piece (2 inches). 10%-15% increase.

GGII said that since the second half of the year, as the domestic epidemic has been brought under control, the pent-up market demand in the first half of the year has been released rapidly, and both the LED display and LED lighting markets have shown a rapid recovery. . Over the past two years, leading domestic LED chip companies, such as Sanan Optoelectronics, HC Semitek, and Zhaoyuan Optoelectronics, are actively cooperating with various lighting market segments to seize the high-end lighting market share, and export data has increased significantly. From January to September 2020, the cumulative export value of domestic LED lighting products from January to September was US$23.46 billion, a year-on-year increase of 5.45%.


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