Legrand will expand smart lighting through NETATMO technology

According to reports, Legrand announced the expansion of its smart lighting products, including solutions using Netatmo smart home technology. The company said it considered professional contractors and integrators in the design, and these new features are designed to provide unprecedented coverage, reliability and installation flexibility. These solutions are available from Legrand's adorne, designer switch and socket series, and also include a variety of smart switches, dimmers and sockets to meet the unique needs and styles of any home.

Legrand will expand smart lighting through NETATMO technology

By leveraging Netatmo technology, Legrand provides advanced options to manage the lights and power of the entire home from anywhere through the intuitive Home + Control application. Angela Coffman, Vice President of Marketing and Series General Manager of Legrand, said: "The acquisition of Netatmo in 2018 gave Legrand the ability to accelerate the development of cutting-edge products, which naturally expanded our choice of designer switches and stores." "Series Known for providing superior style and innovative functions, by integrating Netatmo, we can enhance the space, provide smarter choices for the family, provide unparalleled levels of reliability and flexibility, and advanced design."

The Netatmo solution is optimized for the entire home. All decorations and lighting start with SmartGateway to create a powerful private network that can support advanced control of lighting and power in any home environment. The Zigbee-based mesh network is enhanced with the addition of each switch or socket, making this solution an ideal choice for large homes with poor Wi-Fi signals. There are two flexible options for the gateway. It can be installed in a standard electrical box, or the surface-mounted version can be connected to an existing switch or socket, without new wiring, and tiled on the top of the wall.

Then, any combination of Netatmo-based smart devices can replace existing switches, dimmers and sockets, and in the new structure, they are wired in the same way as standard devices. Simple settings through Legrand Home+Control application allows users to easily add or delete devices, personalize settings and manage energy usage.

In addition, built-in compatibility with all three leading voice assistants (Amazon Alexa, GoogleHome, and Apple HomeKit) and open APIs make it easy to connect these solutions to existing smart products or automation systems in the home.

With the support of the Netatmo platform, the new adorne and radiant solutions also provide greater flexibility for wireless smart devices. Ideal for contractors who need to creatively navigate open spaces and vaulted ceilings, battery-powered wireless smart switches and dimmers make it easy to add 3-way control as you like-just install the device to any wall or surface . Home/Away and Wake/Sleep wireless switches can also be used to add.

One-touch wall control of a group of lights further customize the solution to suit the needs and preferences of the family. The new adorne and radiant of Netatmo solutions complete Legrand’s existing smart lighting products, allowing customers to easily choose the right solution for any house, regardless of type or size. Through the multiple smart lighting options provided by the two designer series, Legrand can meet all the needs of modern customers while complementing any decoration.


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