Light up hundreds of LED lights in rural elementary schools

Located in Shicheng Elementary School in Dongshi District, Taichung City, due to the old and dim lighting in the school, Sipin Precision initiated the "Led Replacement Project of Xiangxiang Primary School" and replaced 100 bright and energy-saving LED lights on the corridor. The classrooms and gymnastics classrooms have been completely renovated. Teachers and students raised their heads and smiled and said, "It's so bright."

Light up hundreds of LED lights in rural elementary schools

Sipin Precision launched the "Pianxiang Primary School LED Replacement Project" and cooperated with Shicheng Elementary School with a history of 100 years in Dongshi District. The school displayed a love-free and inclusive learning environment, guarding the slow-flying angel students. On the eve of the special education activities, Sipin Precision assisted in replacing the old lamps in the campus.

Zhuang Qinjie, Director of Environmental Safety and Health of Silicon Precision, said that in recent years, Shicheng Elementary School has responded to the government's renewable energy policy with practical actions. Solar power generation systems have been installed on the roofs and parking sheds of the school buildings to cooperate with the four major education axes implemented in the school: food agriculture, sports, calligraphy and music, integrate the educational concept of environmental protection and green energy, and let the seeds of caring for the environment naturally germinate and thrive in the hearts of children.

Under the circumstance that the school’s funding prioritizes education, many lighting equipment such as classrooms, corridors, and gymnastics classrooms in the basement still use traditional lamps. In addition, Shicheng Elementary School has been committed to promoting inclusive learning in special education for many years. Every summer vacation, a summer camp for students with disabilities has been held. Become the most anticipated learning hall for the slow-flying angels in the summer vacation.

Sipin has carefully guarded the safety of school children, and replaced about 100 environmentally friendly and bright LED lights, and spent more than 100,000 yuan to improve campus safety and reduce school electricity expenses.

Liu Wenkui, the principal of Shicheng Elementary School, mentioned that after replacing the lamps, teachers and students said that the lighting in the classrooms has improved a lot. .

Sipin Precision said that after the professionals conducted a health inspection of the power lines for the elementary school to confirm the safety, they removed the old lamps with low power consumption and low illuminance and gradually installed LED lamps. In the future, it is estimated that the annual electricity consumption will be saved by about 17,082 (kWh), the carbon emission can also be reduced by 8.7 metric tons, which is equivalent to the carbon emission of climbing 101 Building 399 times per person.


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