Los Angeles replace LED 110 000 Landscape

Now saving and environmental protection has become a consensus, such as in an ordinary family, and now have to spend more energy saving lamps. In fact, whether it is family or community, awareness of energy conservation is very important. Recently, there were indications that the government will implement a US city of Los Angeles luminous lighting scheme will cooperate with Philips, will eliminate the existing urban lighting systems, replacement of energy-saving LED lights better results.

Los Angeles replace LED 110 000 Landscape

A person in charge of Los Angeles government said that the replacement of urban lighting systems, will replace a total of 110,000 LED lights, the existing lighting system with high power consumption, short life and other characteristics, and therefore was ready to replace the unified for LED lights. It is worth mentioning that these lights will be composed of intelligent control systems, each lamp LED lighting lamps, all with intelligent control chip, have access to the entire lighting intelligent network control system. Staff use the network, you can adjust these LED lights. To facilitate networking use.

Up to 110,000 of these lamps lighting systems in daily use, supports programmable control, without the user went to turn on or turn off lights on it. You can also adjust the brightness intensity of each real-time LED lights, very humane. In the control side, you can also graphically in the form of lists, each lamp power consumption in real-time statistics. More powerful, once failure problems arise, you can also automatically prompts alarm, manual maintenance costs can be reduced by about 20 percent.


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