Major lighting companies deploy LED plant lighting

Compared with traditional light sources, LED lights have the advantages of high efficiency and long life when used in plant lighting, and the market scale is expected to grow rapidly. According to LEDinside's estimate, the global LED plant lighting market size in 2018 is about 224 million US dollars, and LEDinside predicts that it will grow to 633 million US dollars by 2022, with a compound growth rate of 30% from 2018 to 2022. Seeing potential business opportunities, many companies including Signify, Osram and other lighting manufacturers are actively investing in the layout and entering the plant lighting market.

Major lighting companies deploy LED plant lighting

★ Osram became a shareholder of a Canadian start-up company, laying out horticultural lighting

Fluxunit, the venture capital division of Osram, acquired part of the shares of the Canadian startup Motorleaf, hoping to manage the planting part in an intelligent way. Motorleaf uses data analysis technology to launch the world's first artificial intelligence production forecast function for commercial greenhouses, which successfully reduces the error rate of greenhouse forecasts by nearly 50%. In addition, the OSRAM plant lighting system will adjust the light according to plant needs and characteristics , the cooperation between the two is expected to further promote the development of agriculture towards intelligence.

★ Signify joins hands with Russian vegetable factory again to expand LED horticultural lighting

Signify, a lighting manufacturer, cooperated with Agro-Inwest, one of the Russian fresh vegetable companies, to expand the application of Philips LED lighting fixtures in tomato planting, from the original 25 hectares to 68.5 hectares, which is equivalent to the greenhouse area of 100 football fields. Signify and Agro-Inwest launched the world's largest LED horticultural lighting in 2017. Due to rapid profitability and increased yields, Argo-Inwest decided to expand their investment in Philips lighting systems for tomato production.

★ Current is actively deploying plant lighting to increase production for Yingjiaguo Farm

Current, a subsidiary of GE, has yet to find a new owner in the future, but it still locks in the layout of the LED plant lighting market. Current first cooperated with the British food company Jones (JFC) to provide Arize horticultural lighting devices to Jones's 5120 square meter farm. It is estimated that the annual vegetable production will increase to 420 metric tons.

Current is also cooperating with Hort Americas, a major horticultural material manufacturer in the United States, to assist Lufa Farms in Montreal, Canada, to introduce LED lighting systems into the greenhouses and create a three-story lighting system, which is equipped with 430 sets of GE Arize Lynk LED bulbs. It can increase the speed of seedling production by 15% and improve planting efficiency.

★ Samsung Electronics enters plant lighting and launches red LED components

Samsung announced the launch of plant lighting LED components, including the newly developed LH351B red LED. This bowl of red LED is a high-power package with a wavelength of 660 nm, which can speed up plant photosynthesis, accelerate plant growth, and produce more flowers, which can be applied to most plant lighting. In addition, two other mid-power products have been launched, and Samsung has also improved the original white light LED components and module products to specifications suitable for plant lighting.

★ Layout plant lighting market, LG Innotek launched 30 kinds of horticultural LED

LG Innotek, a South Korean electronic raw material and parts factory, has launched a total of 30 kinds of LEDs for gardening, including invisible ultraviolet LEDs (UV LEDs). It is mainly developed based on the physiological responses of plants such as photosynthesis, or the wavelength of light required for flowering, which can enhance the value of the plant itself and increase the yield. LG Innotek hopes to increase market penetration through this series of products, and is currently expanding its lighting and module companies in Europe, North America and Asia.

★ The United Arab Emirates joins hands with US vertical farm companies to build the world's largest vertical farm

Vertical farms only need water and LEDs to grow vegetables and become the target of corporate investment. The Emirates Airline Food Department announced that it has jointly invested US$40 million with Crop One Holdings, another vertical farm enterprise headquartered in the United States, to build a 130,000-square-foot indoor farm at Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport, which will break the vertical barrier. Farm world record.

★ Foxconn builds the world's largest plant factory with an area of 5,000 square meters

Foxconn, a subsidiary of the Hon Hai Group, used the old factory space to build the world's largest plant factory with an area of more than 5,000 square meters. There are 14 layers of planting shelves inside the factory, and the daily output can reach 2.5 tons. This plant factory uses LED lighting, culture fluid and other technologies to grow indoors, and has adopted automation in scheduling and logistics. The plant factories built by Foxconn can also establish smart databases to collect environmental parameters, growth schedules and other data, laying the foundation for future promotion to major factories.

★ Zhongke Sanan improved indoor high-tech farm, covering an area of 5,000 square meters

Zhongke Sanan, from Fujian Province, China, has improved an indoor high-tech farm under its umbrella. This farm has been developed for about two years and covers an area of 5,000 square meters. It uses intelligent management to control lighting sources and nutrient solutions, and can produce 8 to 10 tons of vegetables, but only need 4 employees to manage.

★ Everlight Electronics develops products with different powers and exhibits plant lighting fixtures

Everlight exhibited horticultural lighting related products at LIGHTFAIR and Guangya Exhibition held in Guangzhou. EVERLIGHT has developed a series of products with different powers based on monochromatic light wavelengths. The wavelengths cover 450 to 745 nanometers. According to different powers, they can be divided into high-power ceramic SHWO 3535-ELB, medium-power 3030-ELB, and low-power 2835-ELB. New products 2835 PC Red-ELB has a special color temperature of 5% Blue Intensity, and its photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 35% (0.5W). It can replace both Royal Blue & Deep Red light sources at one time.

★ Producing all kinds of vegetables with LED lighting, Taiwan's smart agricultural factory Yuanxian entered Northern Europe

Yuanxian Group signed a sales contract with a total value of NT$100 million with Danish manufacturer Nordic Harvest, and will market the plant factory products to the Nordic countries in the future. Yuanxian plant factory controls light, temperature and nutrition manually, and can also use exclusive LED lighting technology to produce organic vegetables with different flavors according to customer needs. Cai Wenqing, chairman of the group, said that in the future, Denmark will be used as a base to develop the Nordic market.


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