Noting circuit design to extend the life of LED lamp

According to the experimental result, LED white light at lower drive current, the smaller the heat emission is , of course, the smaller the brightness is. According to the survey, design solar LED lighting circuit, LED drive current is generally only 5-10mA; the number of lamp beads with large lamps used products, such as 500 or more, or more, the drive current is generally only 10-15mA.However, the general popularity of LED lighting applications drive current is 15-18mA, and very few people design LED driveof more than 20mA .

Noting circuit design to extend the life of LED lamp

The results also show that the drive current of 14mA, and added a cover unventilated inside air temperature reaches 71 degrees under the environment, low decay products, thousands of small-time decline to zero, 2000 a small decline of 3% , which indicates that such a low failure LED white light used in such an environment has reached its maximum, and then big is the kind of damage it.

Because of aging aging plate with no cooling function, so the heat generated when the LED is work could not basically conduct to outside. It proved this experimentally. Aging board inside air temperature has reached a temperature of 101 degrees, the surface temperature of the cover plate of aging is just 53 degrees, a difference of several tens of degrees. This indicates that the design of the plastic cover has essentially no thermal cooling function. But the general lighting designs are taken into account thermal cooling function. So, in conclusion, the design of the electrical parameters of the LED lamp according to the actual situation, if the thermal heat dissipation good lighting, white light LED drive current is increased a little does not matter, because the work generated by the LED lamp beads instant heat can be exported to the outside, there is no damage to the LED, the LED is the best care. Conversely, if the thermal heat dissipation is not very good, it is best to have a smaller circuit design for putting less heat out.


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