OLED lighting needs analysis

Lighting has been considered to be a very slow development of the industry until the 1990s. The emergence of LED, OLED, was officially opened the prelude to the development of modern lighting. Since then, OLED lighting in the global lighting market share began to grow year by year. According to ID TechEX, it’s estimates that 2026 OLED lighting market will reach 15 billion yuan (about 2.2 billion USD).

OLED lighting needs analysis

Due to the constant innovation of technology and the growing demand for diversification, lighting has also moved from a slow-moving industry to a more refined market area, including home lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, architectural landscape lighting, medical and automotive Lighting and other sub-areas.

Different lighting sub-areas has a variety of technical parameters requirement on the light quality, light intensity, life, color temperature, light-emitting area, etc. The following is the potential market fine Sub-domain needs analysis of OLED lighting for the next decade (2016-2026) in future.

OLED lighting market is driven with the impact of different factors change, will be the first application in medical lighting, architectural lighting, commercial lighting three lighting market, followed by automotive lighting applications will also be rapid growth. Once the cost can be reduced, Life is improved, home lighting, industrial lighting, landscape lighting, etc. will be a substantial increase in the corresponding.


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