OSRAM Smart LED successfully realizes dynamic interior lighting of the car

Osram will be unveiled at the 2018 German Electronic Components Expo (electronica 2018) from November 13th to 16th, and will present its Osire E4633i smart LED prototype to the audience and manufacturers for the first time.

OSRAM Smart LED successfully realizes dynamic interior lighting of the car

With the continuous development and upgrading of autonomous driving technology, the way cars are used is constantly changing. In the process, people gradually pay more attention to the interior of the car, and lighting as one of the essential elements in the car, it must be both functional and design. Traditional static lighting can only perform simple switching operations, and with the Osire E4633i prototype, lighting is given a dynamic dimension that will undoubtedly provide automakers with more design choices.

Stephan Pawlik, Marketing Manager, Automotive Interior Lighting Division of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, said: "In the future, the car will no longer be a simple cockpit for the driver and passengers. It will be an extension of the living space, a space for work and relaxation. The light source inside the cabin provides a range of additional features while providing illumination, for example, through dynamic lighting and different colors, helping the driver to focus more on the real-time traffic ahead."

In order to realize the new functions of interior lighting, in addition to the red, blue and green chips, OSRAM also installed the serial control of the fabless semiconductor manufacturer Inova Semiconductors from Germany in the latest Esire series E4633i smart LED. The driver simplifies the process of achieving uniform color rendering across the entire color space and dynamic lighting, enabling it to control a large number of individual LEDs individually or in groups via a serial bus system. The E4633i Smart LEDs are pre-calibrated and automatically correct for red color casts caused by temperature fluctuations, reducing the difficulty of controlling color and brightness. Finally, this smart LED is available in an extremely compact prefabricated SMT package measuring just 4.6mm x 3.3mm x 0.7mm. With a compact package design and serial bus links, manufacturers will be able to integrate more LEDs in a smaller space.

Since September 2018, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors has officially become a member of the Iseled Alliance, dedicated to the development of intelligent RGB LED technology and related fields for automotive interior lighting. The advanced automotive lighting technology and various applications that OSRAM brought to the Munich Electronics Show in Germany will be demonstrated at booth 155 in Hall B4.


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