Philips Lighting introduced a new wireless intelligent Internet lighting system

Philips Lighting has introduced a new Philips InterAct wireless intelligent interconnect lighting system, mainly for the current value of more than 50 billion US dollars of the global office lighting system market. Through this system, property managers can reduce the energy consumption of up to 70% of the building without major refurbishment of the office building, and optimize the operation to create a more comfortable office environment. The system will be the first to land in the United States, facing the North American region more than 15 billion square feet of the existing office market. The system is equipped with a sensor with a light source and lamps. Philips Lighting will be responsible for the installation and operation, charge management services costs, and customers do not need to invest any capital in the initial stage.

Philips Lighting introduced a new wireless intelligent Internet lighting system

Through the sensor network, the system will automatically switch or dim lighting, and collect energy consumption and office space occupancy rate and other fine data, and these data will be in the back-end management software statistical analysis. If all the offices in North America can be fully updated in 2030 using this technology, it is expected to reduce the total energy savings by 6.4 billion US dollars (equivalent to the total output of 36 medium-sized power plants) or in the United States to reduce 44 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The Philips InterAct Wireless Smart Connected Lighting System complements the Philips Power over Ethernet (PoE) intelligent interconnect lighting system. Philips PoE system is for the new and deep renovation of the office building, while the Philips InterAct system is for a larger scale existing office building lighting renovation project.

"Our new lighting system can quickly achieve energy savings. Customers only need to pay the monthly effect of lighting costs, without the need for pre-investment equipment transformation, that is, contract energy management model." Philips Lighting professional lighting business general manager Emmanuel Sabonnadiere said. However, energy saving is only one of the many advantages of this system, and our "lighting-as-a-service" model enables customers to focus on business, eliminate operational worries, and help managers understand the information they collect Energy consumption and office space use, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.


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