Philips promotes City Touch all-round street lighting management system

City Touch all-round street lighting management system, a combination of software application interface and the actual lighting equipment, changes the way of the city lighting operations through the network device integration so that managers can have a flexible control. With the ability to automatically detect repair, easy-to-use interfaces and real-time remote control, City Touch offers a smart, open and secure solution that meets the needs of county and county management units, citizens and street maintenance units.

Philips promotes City Touch all-round street lighting management system

Specifically, there are three advantages:

1, wisdom: automatic detection, automatic return abnormal signal, and a single light or group to adjust the light;

2, open: to provide open API, the lighting device connected by the mobile network and other devices, and to integrate City Touch and existing urban management system;

3, security: the use of online banking and securities firms with the same level of security technology, with end-to-end encryption and double authentication mechanism to ensure data transmission and storage security.

The city of Los Angeles in the western United States, for example, due to its population and the large number of streets, it needs to be able to easily manage and control the lighting of the networking system. But Philips City Touch assists the unit to remote management of each network lighting device, and continuous monitors the lighting status, which not only reduces the manpower cost of night inspection, but also shortens the time of maintenance operations, so that the city operation becomes more smoothly.

In addition to the above street lighting, Philips also provide POE solution for indoor use. Combined with cable equipment and IT equipment, producing intelligent lighting in a new era.

In the field of public landscapes, Philips offers Active Site solutions to the global range of architectures for remote monitoring systems, maintenance and management of intelligent networking lighting systems.

And the global sports fans love a variety of sports venues. Philips is using Arena Experience solution to the different courses, not only to provide professional-grade lighting, but also bring the stage lighting effect, so that the wisdom of lighting closer to people's lives, but also to make the public more sense.


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