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Philips supports smart city LED road lighting

Obviously, LED road lighting that supports smart cities will be a century-old cross-border project. The entire system can’t be completed by the lighting business alone, but in the open software ecosystem in collaboration with all walks of life to jointly develop. As a result, listed companies, multinational giants, telecommunications companies and Internet companies compete in smart cities and related lighting engineering businesses. The ecological chain is shifting from a mere price competition in the past to a multi-factor competition in technology, capital and resources.

Philips supports smart city LED road lighting

In the new round of road lighting competition, Philips CityTouch flex intelligent interconnection road lighting system is remarkable.

The system takes the street light as the entrance of the Internet of Things and can be used in various smart city applications including urban emergency system, traffic signal management system, security monitoring system, traffic flow, traffic flow, weather detection system and the like, not only through existing Telecommunications network (GPRS) connected luminaires, as well as the NB-IoT being promoted. In addition to lighting, the system integrates professional and efficient intelligent interconnect lighting, data communications, intuitive and easy-to-use cloud service software platform and professional services. This open system interoperates with other smart city management systems to create a complete ecosystem of smart city applications.

Philips Lighting in promoting the wisdom of the lights in China's landing, promoting the development of China's smart city spared no effort. Earlier this year, Philips Lighting, in conjunction with China Mobile, put smart interconnection lighting based on cellular Internet of Things technologies into the smart city construction. In early November, it also joined hands with China Telecom to access the narrowband Internet of Things. At the same time join hands with China's two major communications giants, combined with the operator's strong commercial network, Philips Intelligent Internet road lighting in China's development or invincible.

It is reported that since Philips Lighting started to launch the CityTouch intelligent interconnected road lighting system in 2014, it has been successfully applied to more than 800 cities in more than 36 countries and regions, including Los Angeles, Jakarta, Indonesia, and other places in the world.

Visible, the future of LED lights will have the ability to connect everything, "connectivity" will be the core function of LED road lighting. The Philips CityTouch flex in the LED street lamp connectivity has shown its clumsiness, the LED lighting and intelligent control technology and applications pushed to a new level and field, open a new chapter in smart city.


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