Precautions to choose LED bulb

  Among LED replacement lamps, LED bulb specially replace ordinary incandescent lamp, so the LED bulb is very important to buy it, here are the optional LED bulb Precautions:

 Precautions to choose LED bulb

  1. Because LED bulb is to replace incandescent lamps, so first of all the brightness should be equal to incandescent lamp. Because LED bulb light effect itself is constantly in development, LED bulb light with incandescent lamp brightness ratio is generally 1:8; That is to say, 1W’s brightness is equal to 8W LED bulb.

  2.LED bulb shape should also be similar to incandescent, it is pear-shaped, which for now LED technology is no problem, but LED bulb heat problem itself cannot be all-glass shape structure, it should  adopt relatively good heat dissipation material, in order to ensure LED bulb life.

  3. When choosing LED bulb, you should select the volume size considerably, considerable weight, the most important thing is the more common American E26 or E27 screw-in base (commonly known as the screw mouth), the power should be 220VAC (domestic) (U.S. 110VAC), regular manufacturers are in the 100 ~ 240V.

  4. The power supply of LED bulb generally are isolated and non-isolated two types. Usually, non-isolated do not need isolation transformer, so the cost is relatively low, but the aluminum plate pressure requirements are more high, otherwise the radiator is likely to live, and it is on the outside of light, therefore, it is not very beautiful; isolated is relatively safe, relatively easy to pass safety regulations, but the cost is relatively high, but more suitable for home use.

  5.LED bulb radiator, usually in the product aluminum heat board traces can be seen that there is finishing, after finishing the LED can be directly fixed to the bottom up, otherwise there is an air gap that needs to be improved thermal plastic coating thermal conductivity.

  6.When optional LED bulb, the shell would better to be plastic foam in order to prevent broken, because the use of plastics is because the heat from the radiator needs to spread it out, because the blister is visible, there is little infrared heat, so it will not overheating and damage.


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