Principle of LED lighting arrangement in sitting room

  Sitting room is the center of family activities, but also reflect the image of home construction. So in the LED lighting can not be careless, should be carefully designed. Furnished sitting room LED lighting, we need to pay attention to the number and intensity, so as to make the house style fully unfolded.

 Principle of LED lighting arrangement in sitting room

  Sitting room arrangement generally use a wide range of LED lighting LED lighting and LED lighting combining local, that is a master of the LED lights, adding a variety of other auxiliary LED lights. Such as LED wall lamp, LED downlight, LED spotlights, etc. Main light, then, living in luxury can be about 3M LED chandelier, if less than this height can use LED Ceiling, LED flat lights.

  Generally with separate LED lights on the sofa at one end, so that the LED lights are not directly sit scattered throughout the area for conversation and reading purposes. You can also set up the appropriate LED spotlight wall to be decorated. Placed next to the TV soft light warm white LED bulb, in order to weaken the contrast of light and dark hall, but also conducive to protect eyesight, so the guests there is a "home from home" feeling.


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