Qianjiang strengthens urban lighting and lighting management

Qianjiang District of Chongqing closely focuses on the construction of a high-quality city, and is guided by serving people's livelihood. It focuses on urban lighting and lighting management from the four aspects of "construction, management, intelligence, and innovation", and carefully creates urban night scenes to add luster to the "quality city". 

Qianjiang strengthens urban lighting and lighting management

The district focuses on the construction of street lights, and effectively solves the problem of having roads without lights. Completed the construction of 5 new roads and street lights including G65 South Interconnection, Party School Ring Road, and Sewage Treatment Plant. Strengthen the construction of "light-free areas" in cities such as back streets and alleys, complete the construction and renovation of 14 back streets and alleys, and install 657 new street lights. At the same time, the district has also made a lot of articles on lighting planning, and completed special lighting plans such as "Landscape Lighting Planning of Qianjiang Old City", "Landscape Lighting Master Plan of Qianjiang Old City" and "Detailed Landscape Lighting Planning of Qianjiang Old City", and promote the city with forward-looking planning. Lighting facilities beautify construction.

Strengthen supervision and maintenance to improve the operation level of facilities, conduct daily inspections, establish inspection records, and implement ledger management. The faulty street lamps were quickly repaired according to the method of "repair as soon as they are broken". A total of 10,400 lighting fixtures were repaired, 90 control box faults were dealt with, and 238 faulty cables were dealt with. At present, the lighting rate of urban road lighting facilities in Qianjiang is 98%, the completeness rate of urban road lighting facilities is 97%, and the completeness rate of urban landscape lighting facilities is 96%.

The district vigorously promoted intelligent management in the field of urban lighting, completed the transformation of the intelligent control system of urban street lighting, and installed 11 new control devices to connect to the urban intelligent lighting control system. The building and courtyard lighting remote control system is constructed to implement remote control and intelligent management, and respond quickly to fault alarms and remote diagnosis and maintenance, which greatly improves the intelligent level of lighting management. At the same time, the district integrates lighting intelligent control into the digital urban management platform, and actively participates in the construction of smart cities to promote the intelligent development of the industry.

The district adheres to the drive of innovation and promotes the improvement of quality and efficiency of urban lighting management. Vigorously promote low-carbon, environmentally friendly, high-efficiency, energy-saving, safe and comfortable new LED energy-saving light sources as urban lighting, and all LED energy-saving street lamps are used in the renovation of street lamps in the old city, with a total of 8 road sections and 105 LED street lamps. At the same time, LED light sources are used in the maintenance of lighting in urban buildings and courtyards. At the same time, in line with the principle of "government-led, market-oriented operation", it is planned to adopt the energy management contract (EMC) to attract social capital to participate in the construction of urban LED street lights, and strive to achieve a new leap in lighting construction management.


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