Road quality improvement and lighting in Jinan Gangcheng District completed

On the evening of October 7, the neon lights on the eastern section of Gangdu Street and the northern section of Xinxing Road in Gangcheng District, Jinan City were put into trial operation. Suddenly, the buildings were splendid and charming. The light lines perfectly matched the buildings, making the lighting of the buildings richer. The streamlined lines and aesthetics also add some warmth and vitality to the steel city, attracting strolling citizens to stop and take photos.

Road quality improvement and lighting in Jinan Gangcheng District completed

"Improving the quality of urban management" is one of the 15 practical tasks for the people in Gangcheng District this year. The District Urban Management Bureau has established the concept of "people-centered and managing the city for the people", deeply implemented the urban management quality improvement project, and carefully laid out the "points" , meticulously crafted "online", striving to be "brilliant, innovative and spectacular".

In mid-September, the District Urban Management Bureau inspected the nearly 1.4-kilometer eastern section of Gangdu Street (from Hujiaquan Shopping Mall in the west to Lubai Commercial Building in the east) and the northern section of Xinxing Road (from Chayuzi Community in the south to the intersection of Qishan Street in the north). The landscape lighting of 3 kilometers of road has been improved, with a total of 42,487 light source points and 42 power distribution equipment installed, so that the lights are no longer limited to lighting functions and add "night charm" to the steel city under the moonlight.

It is understood that this lighting project follows the principle of "coordination of the overall landscape and highlighted landscape design" to create an overall nighttime visual landscape with contrasting light and dark. The project takes into account the advantages of low carbon, environmental protection, good stability, and long service life. While meeting lighting needs, it achieves a harmonious unity of functionality, environmental protection, and aesthetics. The lighting time of neon lights is one and a half hours, and the specific lighting time is adjusted according to the sunset time every day, so as to ensure that "the lighting is not excessive, and it is convenient for the people but does not disturb the people."

Gangdu Street and Xinxing Road are the city's main roads and important windows for displaying the city's image. There are many shops on both sides of the road. These colorful lights add youth and vitality to this small town, and also attract popularity to the development of shops along the street.

"In the past, when it got dark, there were fewer customers. Now the whole road is surrounded by neon lights, and more people come. I hope our business will get better and better." said Li Xingju, owner of Yangjia Sheep Soup Restaurant in the east section of Gangdu Street.

As night falls, all kinds of lights are shining and gorgeous. Citizens can enjoy the bright and peaceful night scene and feel the development and changes of Steel City. In the next step, the District Urban Management Bureau will strengthen the inspection and maintenance of urban street light facilities to ensure the safe operation of street lights, truly implement practical matters, create a comfortable, safe, and warm urban nighttime landscape throughout the region, and continuously improve the quality of the city.


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