Seven national standard projects in the field of lighting issued a project plan

On March 21, 2023, the National Standardization Management Committee issued the first batch of recommended national standard plans in 2023 and related standard foreign language version plans (National Standardization Commission [2023] No. 10), including 7 under the jurisdiction of the National Lighting Appliance Standardization Technical Committee A national standard project in the field of lighting.

Seven national standard projects in the field of lighting issued a project plan

"Equipment for general lighting - Stroboscopic effect - Objective test method"

The stroboscopic effect of lighting products has been more and more concerned by the market and consumers. The stroboscopic effect will have a great impact on the judgment of light quality. Visible light modulation can lead to light performance degradation, increased fatigue, and seizures and migraine attacks. and other acute health problems. Foreign standards related to flicker and stroboscopic have been promulgated and implemented in 2018. There is a lack of guidance standards and methods for relevant stroboscopic effect testing in China. Fluctuating currents are used to evaluate the IEEE Recommended Practice for Alleviating Observer Health Risks. The assessment indicators and parameters in this method, such as flicker percentage and flicker index, cannot objectively evaluate the stroboscopic effect. At present, my country has released the standard GB/T 42064-2022 "Test method for flicker characteristics of general lighting equipment" and the formulation of this standard will improve the standard for testing the stroboscopic effect of lighting equipment, which is conducive to better testing and research and development More high-quality lighting products protect people's eyesight.

"Determination of Surge Current Characteristics of Lighting Products"

At present, the measurement method for the surge current characteristics of lighting products is still blank in China, but the demand for the measurement of the surge current characteristics is very urgent. The inrush current of lighting products during the startup process will cause certain harm to the line, including triggering the false protection of the circuit breaker/circuit breaker, causing interference to other equipment on the same line, disrupting the power grid and deteriorating the quality of power supply, etc. As a big country in the manufacture, export and use of lighting products, it is very necessary to accurately measure the surge current characteristics of lighting products. The formulation of the standard "Determination of Surge Current Characteristics of Lighting Products" can effectively guide the R&D and manufacturing of lighting products and lighting projects The design, installation, inspection and acceptance of the company will promote the quality improvement of lighting products in my country, and ensure the safety of lighting products and their circuits and equipment.

"Sorting of LED Packages Part 1: Color Sorting of White LED Packages for Motor Vehicles"

At present, white LED packaging is mainly SMD type, which is used in general lighting products. Considering the needs of applications in some fields with higher precision requirements, such as automobiles, the requirements and consistency of key indicators are constantly improving, and the scope of application of LED packaging will be wider, and the standards will be improved and the accuracy of product performance indicators will be guaranteed. also appears to be extremely important. With the expansion of LED applications in automotive and other fields, the original standard can no longer fully meet the higher requirements of these subdivided fields. The original standard needs to be revised and improved according to the needs of domestic and foreign market circulation, thereby improving the quality level of LED packaging color sorting , Standardize and improve LED packaging and testing methods to provide quality assurance. By reorganizing, perfecting and optimizing the standards, supplementing the main content such as sorting test procedures and test accuracy, and effectively improving the test method to meet the sorting requirements, it is of great significance to manufacturers and back-end lighting applications.

"Types and dimensions of lamp caps - Part 3: Prefocus lamp caps"

This standard is the third part of GB/T 1406 "Types and Dimensions of Lamp Caps" series of 5 standards. This part specifies the type and size of pre-focused lamp caps. This standard is the basic requirement to ensure the interchangeability and safety of lamp caps. This standard revision adopts IEC 60061-1:2020. Compared with the current version, the newly added models are PG15, PGZ12, PGZ18&PGZX18, PGJY19, PG18.5d, PGJ18.5d/t, PGJX19, PU20d, PGJ21t, PGJ23t, PX23t, P(X)(Y)26.4t&PJ26.4t , PGJX28, PGJX36, PU43t, PGJ(X)50, PGJY50 lamp holder technical content, updated the technical content of the model PGJ19 lamp holder. This revision is conducive to further improving product quality, standardizing the market, improving the technical level of national standards, and keeping in line with international standards, and maintaining consistency with the new version of IEC international standards.

"General Lighting LED Module Performance Specifications"

With the continuous development and wide application of LED lighting industry, new technologies are constantly being researched and developed. The emergence of LED modularization enables manufacturing companies to manufacture LED lamps more conveniently and effectively at a better price. As a big country in the manufacture, export and use of LED lighting products, my country has ranked first in the world in the design, manufacture and sales of LED modules. The "Performance Requirements for LED Modules for General Lighting" has been revised to effectively guide the R&D, manufacturing and testing of LED module products, promote the quality improvement of LED module products in my country, and reduce the certification testing costs and raw material and product inventory of domestic enterprises. The revision of this standard has a positive effect on the sound development of LED modules and lighting products in my country.

"Guidelines for Reliability Test of Main Components of LED Light Sources and LED Luminaires"

In recent years, LED light sources and LED lamps have been more and more widely used in the lighting field. As an integrated electronic product, LED has continuously expanded its technical content, reduced its size and weight, and doubled its intelligence. The global industry is developing extremely rapidly. However, there are always problems of uneven quality of LED light sources and lamps. A large number of studies at home and abroad believe that the key to determining the overall quality of LED products is reliability, specifically the reliability of its main components and the degree of mutual balance. These components include LED components, electronic devices, optical materials, machinery and Related parts such as cooling devices. In this regard, it is urgent to formulate a set of standardized and systematic test guidelines to test and evaluate the reliability of LED light sources and LED lamp components.

"Workplace Lighting Part 3: Safety and Security Lighting Requirements for Outdoor Workplaces"

People's activities usually include indoors and outdoors. In some specific outdoor workplaces, people need to complete their work under certain lighting conditions, such as storage areas in industrial sites, coal fields in power plants, ports, docks, switching stations in power plants, etc. Places, when the lighting quality of these places does not meet the requirements, there will be safety risks. In order for people to perform visual tasks efficiently and accurately in these places, especially at night, sufficient and proper lighting must be provided. This document is equivalent to ISO/CIE 8995-3:2018, which regulates the visibility and comfort requirements required for various outdoor workplaces according to the type and duration of various activities.


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