Shandong Yantai Shanghai Road replaced with LED street lights

Shanghai Road (Tashan Tunnel to Guangdong East Street section) 184 sets of lights all the new lights, night lighting effect greatly improved.

Shandong Yantai Shanghai Road replaced with LED street lights

According to reports, the current lamp is installed in 2003, 400W sodium lamp, high power consumption and the lamp has been damaged seriously. The replacement is to retain the original foundation, poles and lines, the continuation of Tashan tunnel north of the lamp type, replaced by 300W new LED light source. The appearance of the new light source clean and generous, from the use of point of view, with high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life, good color and other advantages, more energy saving.

It is understood that the completion of the mountain road lights replacement, the City Department will continue on the Hong Kong East Street, Hongqi East Road, Shanhainan Road, Yinhai Road, Zhen Road, and other LED street lamp replacement, a total replacement of LED lamp holder 2533 sets, is expected finished before the end of August.


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