Shanghai's first "aerosol culture" plant factory successfully grows more than 70 kinds of fruits and vegetables

Rows of green lettuce thrive on multi-tiered racks without soil or even sunlight. At the recently held 2018 Shanghai International Indoor Plant Factory Symposium, the fully automatic aeroponic plant growth system brought by Shanghai's first "aeroponic" plant factory-Aisheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. attracted the attention of many participants. 

Shanghai's first "aerosol culture" plant factory successfully grows more than 70 kinds of fruits and vegetables

In the reinforced concrete forest, can there be a little greenery to make modern people get close to nature and feel nature? "Plant factory" may be a good choice. According to researcher Zhu Weimin, director of the Institute of Horticulture, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the plant factory is an efficient agricultural system that achieves annual continuous production of crops through high-precision environmental control in the facility. The automatic control of environmental conditions such as liquid, so that the growth of plants in the facility is not or rarely restricted by the labor-saving production method of natural conditions.

The reporter saw in Aisheng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. that the plant factory uses energy-saving LED plant growth lamps as the light source. For different plants and different growth stages, the light intensity, light quality and photoperiod are completely different. "Each plant has its own 'light formula', which is also the focus of our future research." Wu Haiguang, an application engineer of the marketing department of Aiceng Technology, introduced. In addition to not needing sunlight, the "babies" of the plant factory do not need soil. These well-growing vegetables all grow in the cultivation module and can grow by relying on the nutrient solution under the module. "These nutrient solutions are prepared by professionals, which can provide various nutrients for plants in a timely and effective manner, and meet the nutritional requirements of plants in different growth periods to the greatest extent, so that vegetables grow fast and produce high yields."

In the plant factory, the growth of vegetables is almost not restricted by natural conditions, and the growth cycle will be accelerated. The lettuce grown in the plant factory can be harvested about 28 days after the seedlings are transplanted, which is much faster than ordinary land cultivation. "The plant factory is currently in its infancy in the world. It has fundamentally changed the concept of agricultural planting. It is a way to innovate agricultural planting methods and agricultural modernization. It is also the best solution for new agricultural production and upgrading agricultural planting to manufacturing." Wu Haiguang said, "At present, our products are mainly sold to hotels, and we also have membership-based retail. In addition, we also regularly open to elementary school students in Jiading, allowing them to come to a 'natural science class'. Children can pick vegetables by themselves, make a A salad."

It is understood that the fully automatic aeroponic plant growth system of Aisheng Technology can isolate pollution sources and pests and diseases in a soilless clean room. It has grown more than 100 plants including lettuce, purslane, water spinach, mint, leek, fruit cucumber, strawberry, etc. 70 kinds of vegetable and fruit plants. In terms of safety, the vegetables in plant factories are almost the same as organic vegetables, but there is still a gap in taste. Zhu Weimin, director of the plant, introduced that plants will have emergency mechanisms to produce secondary metabolites under severe weather conditions such as drought, freezing, and waterlogging. For example, residents of Shencheng like frosted vegetables. "We also hope that through the improvement of elements such as spectrum, nutrient solution, and irradiation time, the flavor of vegetables and fruits will be improved." Wu Haiguang said.


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