Smart LED street lights help city smart upgrade

According to a data survey report, as of 2028, it is estimated that about 20 million sets of LED street lights will be newly added or transformed each year, and the proportion of smart street lights will rise from the current 10% to about 30%. Driven by strong market demand, the DiiA Alliance and the ZHAGA Alliance have formulated the D4i standard to improve the industry chain standards in order to unify industry standards and enhance the coordination of upstream and downstream industries.

Smart LED street lights help city smart upgrade

Osram’s DEXAL is the world’s first D4i-certified drive power source announced on the DiiA website. It is equipped with a wireless control module and has a simple installation method that can easily match the standardized design of the lamp. If the luminaire manufacturer chooses to use the OSRAM DEXAL? series outdoor drive power supply that meets the D4i standard, it only needs to add or replace the D4i standard wireless module to complete the intelligent upgrade of the street light. Compared with the replacement of the entire street lamp, this transformation scheme is more cost-effective, and can easily connect the street lamp to the urban smart management platform, without worrying about future communication technology development and iteration, and effectively prolong the service life of the street lamp.

Advantage 1: "One-click" to upgrade digital, easy access to smart city management platform

Osram DEXAL series LED driver power supply is developed on the basis of "digitalization", conforms to the latest DALI2.0 standard, and is compatible with the latest PART250/251/252/253 (D4i) data specification standards. In addition, the drive power supply supports an additional 24V output, is fully compatible with the interface specifications of ZHAGA BOOK18, and matches outdoor products with a standard design, "plug and play", so that street lights can be easily connected to the smart city management platform without additional modification.

Advantage 2: Save the cost of transformation and extend the life of the product

In terms of electrical design, Osram DEXAL? series LED drive power supplies have their own bus power (DALI Bus Power) and 24V DC auxiliary power supply, which can supply power for sensors and wireless communication module products at the same time. Therefore, lamp manufacturers using this series of drive power supplies can According to its own needs, the existing lamp design is used without major changes to the product, thus saving costs efficiently. In addition, like LED loads, sensors and wireless communication module products connected to the bus power (DALI Bus Power) and 24V DC auxiliary power supply can avoid the waves caused by lightning strikes and input voltage fluctuations under the protection of the LED drive power. Surge, thereby extending the service life of the product.

Advantage 3: Intercommunication of data and information to establish complete closed-loop control

The Osram DEXAL series has powerful data storage, collection and exchange capabilities. It can collect and store lamp data and transmit the data information to the lighting control system. The lighting control system will put forward control instructions for the lamps according to the actual situation. The corresponding instructions are adjusted, and the information is fed back to the lighting control system again to achieve complete closed-loop control and data collection tasks.

From the basic product information and working status of the lamp to the data information of problem diagnosis, DEXAL? series drive power can collect and store:

·Lighting factory information-including manufacturer, product model, batch, power, color temperature, etc.;

·The real-time working status of the lamp during use-power, switch, input voltage, output current, etc.;

·Lamp usage diagnosis and daily maintenance management-working time statistics of core components such as power supply and LED, statistics of switching times, lamp working temperature monitoring, warning and early warning of abnormal working conditions, etc.

Advantage 4: Fully equipped with communication protocol certification standards, fully respond to market and technological changes

The DEXAL drive power supply is fully equipped with the D4i standard protocol, which is open and expandable. It can support different modules while supporting the LED power supply, such as sensors and wireless modules that can enhance the intelligent digital level of lamps. In addition, the DEXAL? drive power supply also has strong compatibility and connectivity. By adding or replacing wireless connectors (compatible with D4i wireless connectors), you can easily upgrade the connection between street lighting products and platforms to fully respond to the future market and Technological changes, more actively embrace the market demand of IoT.


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