Smart lighting price war has arrived

Although the huge market prospects for intelligent lighting will become the layout of the blue ocean of many enterprises competing. However, there are still many obstacles to the development of intelligent lighting, such as immature technology, product single, expensive, the market is not mature, promote bottlenecks and so on, but in the final analysis is the market acceptance is not enough, which is the biggest consumer concerns.

Smart lighting price war has arrived

Therefore, in many business competition, the intention to share the cake in the background, in order to quickly open the market and improve consumer acceptance, LED intelligent lighting is expected to face the price war in full swing.

Last year, LED lighting business leaped light trillion launched Bluetooth LED light bulb UU, in Taobao all raised to 9.9RMB of the total price of shock starting, with the practical action to open the true sense of the universal intelligent lighting era.

MIPOW's smart Bluetooth LED bulbs, Taobao all the price is only 40RMB.

And millet early in 2015 with Yaming, Sunny, Hong Yan, Op, Philips, Wood Linsen, Corey, Rui Gao, Ying Hui, Parker, CDH, Tengge 13 lighting companies signed a joint statement, these enterprises this year Will be in its smart light bulb in the use of millet smart home wireless module, through the together development of the way the price of millet intelligent module drop down again.

No matter how intelligent lighting technology and standards breakthrough, the price decline is an inevitable trend, the only way this market can be expanded, enterprises and users can really benefit. So who can take the lead in the price to achieve a breakthrough, who will be able to seize market share.


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