Status of domestic LED plant lighting industry

Currently, there are four main types of plant lighting sources on the market: LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, incandescent lamps and halogen lamps. Compared with traditional plant lighting fixtures, LED plant lighting fixtures not only have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, low overall heat generation, and high reliability, but also have the advantages of adjustable spectrum, light quantity, light quality, and light direction, allowing increased cultivation per unit area. In addition, the LED wavelength range is wide [UVC (about 250nm) to infrared (about 1000nm)], and the half-wave peak of the wavelength is narrow.

Status of domestic LED plant lighting industry

Except for Mainland China, the most mature applications in the global plant light market are North America, Europe and Japan. Statistics show that well-known manufacturers in the United States and Japan account for 37% and 23% respectively. The area where the plant light application market is most active. my country's LED plant lighting production companies are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta region, accounting for 60%, Yangtze River Delta region 21%, and Bohai Rim region accounting for 12%.

As LED plant lights are still in their infancy in my country, there are still many problems. In terms of products, there are also problems such as non-standard production design, lack of uniform product standards, and lack of actual verification of sales spectrum; in terms of practical applications, there are problems such as high cost and weak light penetration. There are many problems with LED plant lighting, which makes the expansion of the LED plant lighting market slower.

my country is a large agricultural country, and there is a large demand for agricultural production supplies. LED plant lighting can play a key role in agricultural seedlings. At the same time, it has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and the future development space is relatively broad. LED plant lighting represents the future development direction of agricultural lighting and has received strong support from various departments. With the improvement of LED plant lighting technology, the potential market demand is released, and the industry will enter a stage of rapid development.


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