The advantages of LED Lighting in Museum lightings

General lighting is uniform lighting refers to light the whole place and set up primarily for visitor services, depending on the type and location of the exhibits on display exhibits which have different brightness between the exhibition and the exhibition hall the audience walking tour when the light brightness requires a gradual process. Generally from low brightness to high brightness ratio from high brightness to low brightness needed to adapt a short time, so when the general lighting design exhibition hall and moderate brightness should make the hall adjacent lower brightness. Through conscious reasonable brightness setting for the exhibition hall of the regional relations, well adapted to the audience hall light environment for visitors to create a comfortable environment to visit.

The advantages of LED Lighting in Museum lightings

Museums general lighting should meet the low brightness, control the light is good, large shielding angle requirements, while general lighting due to the long working hours, should consider energy conservation issues.

Museum displays artifacts are generally more sensitive to light radiation, depending on the degree of sensitivity, into particularly sensitive to light, sensitive, not sensitive to three categories.

LED light source is a green light, energy saving, environmental protection, security, rich color and other characteristics, as compared to incandescent lamps, energy-saving rate can reach 90% energy saving benefits are substantial, and there is no ultraviolet and infrared radiation in their spectrum , to control thermal effects and secondary photochemical reactions damage. LED cold light bulb adopts DC drive, no strobe; low heat cold light source, safe touch; LED lighting products work relatively low electric power, electric power required for the control module is also low. Compared with traditional light sources, light many changes is an important feature of the LED, it can be color control, creating a better atmosphere for sightseeing. If we can achieve effective intelligent control of LED, can play a heritage, to create a good environment and visit the desired effect of energy-saving and environmental protection, so many museums began to use LED lighting.


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