The best way to drive LED lighting

LED is the abbreviation of "Light Emitting Diode", the Chinese abbreviation of light-emitting diodes, because of its energy saving and environmental protection, long life, high photoelectric efficiency, good seismic performance. With rapid development in recent years, theoretically, LED life of 100,000 hour or so, but in the practical application process, some LED lighting designers on the LED drive power or lack of excessive pursuit of cost, and ultimately to LED lamp product life greatly shortened, many advantages are covered.

The best way to drive LED lighting

In the LED lighting, there are many ways to connect. There are many serial and parallel principle of LED aluminum plate, LED drive power line, need to combine multiple LED arrangement, reliable LED connection plays a significant role on improve the efficiency of LED lights and life.

The current LED light connection methods: the overall series form, with parallel zener diode series form, the overall parallel form, independent matching parallel form, mixed form, the first string after, first and then string, cross arrangement and so on.

LED drive power is the key to LED lighting. It is like our human heart. To create high-quality LED lamps must learn to "let go", that is no longer choose constant pressure way to drive LED lamps.

A lot of design LED lighting staff, the use of resistance, capacity step-down, and then add a Zener diode regulator, to the LED power supply, so that there is a great way to drive LED, not only inefficient, but also in the buck resistor consumption, a lot of power, and even may exceed the power consumption of the LED.

Constant source drive is the best way to drive LED, the use of constant current source drive, do not have the output circuit series current limiting resistor, LED current flowing through the outside power supply voltage changes, ambient temperature changes, and LED parameters of the discrete affect, so as to maintain a constant current, give full play to the various excellent LED characteristics.

The use of constant current drive not only make LED lamps play its normal role, but also there is no danger. At the same time, it help LED lamps life without damage, really threefold!


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