The deep underground parking lot U center intelligent lighting solutions

Deep U center is situated in shenzhen century industrial city, covers an area of 26640.48 ㎡, construction area of 190984.51 ㎡, planning and construction, 4 tall building total housing a cycle of 746 sets, two layers of underground parking garage, a total of 1245 parking Spaces.

The deep underground parking lot U center intelligent lighting solutions

In order to achieve the control of the underground parking lot lighting, realize the car lights, car to walk the parking lights are applied the HDL logic module to set the timer function: open half light during the day and at night after 18:00 PM will automatically open all the lights, and in the evening just after 22:00 o 'clock opening sensor. At the entrance to the parking lot to install HDL ultrasonic sensors, sensing vehicle as long as the products have to pass the signal, will be bright light.

In addition to the application logic timing control, in the parking lot of the central control room is also equipped with HDL graphic monitoring software.By this software can monitor the entire parking lot lighting circuit state, when the lighting circuit malfunction will report to the system administrator.But also on the software platform to control all the lights.

Deep industry center of U 2 floors underground parking lot after applied the HDL intelligent solution, save energy consumption, also promote efficiency and management.And centralized control in the control rooms, "demand, the underground parking lot chose HDL intelligent solution.


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