The energy efficiency of LED lamp beads is upgraded again!

The research results of the Haixi Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences (Fujian Institute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences) successfully solved the problems of unstable performance of traditional phosphor/silica gel encapsulated white LEDs and non-adjustable chromaticity of fluorescent ceramic LEDs. Its main innovation is to use self-developed inorganic glass-ceramic phosphors with high luminous intensity, tunable chromaticity, and stable physicochemical properties to replace traditional phosphors/organic silica gels and fluorescent ceramics to build high-power warm white LEDs, which significantly improves lighting applications. The physical and chemical properties and service life of warm white LEDs are stable. The relevant parameters of the LED light source packaged with the research results are very eye-catching. The white LED light efficiency constructed by it is > 120lm/W (lumens per watt), Ra > 80 (color rendering index), and the color temperature is 3000K-6000K tune.

The energy efficiency of LED lamp beads is upgraded again!

The research results also have the advantages of simple production process of transparent glass ceramic phosphors, green environmental protection, low cost, small project investment and quick results. The application prospect of its landing is also relatively broad, and it can be used for street lights, tunnel lights, spotlights, etc., and the scene with white LED lighting can be considered for replacement.

LED lighting helps the national double carbon policy

In addition, with the continuous implementation of the national "carbon peak carbon neutral" policy, various industries will face energy efficiency reforms. On June 29, 2022, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, together with the Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, and the State Administration for Market Regulation, jointly issued the "Industrial Energy Efficiency Improvement Action Plan" (Joint Section of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology [2022] 76, hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). The main goal of the Action Plan is that by 2025, the energy efficiency of key industrial sectors will be comprehensively improved, the energy efficiency of key areas such as data centers will be significantly improved, the proportion of green and low-carbon energy utilization will be significantly increased, and energy-saving and efficiency-enhancing technology and equipment will be widely used. The service and supervision system will be gradually improved, and the energy consumption per unit of added value of industrial enterprises above designated size will decrease by 13.5% compared with 2020.

Under this plan, the field of industrial lighting also seems to usher in a wave of new development opportunities. In the fourth part of the "Action Plan", it is mentioned in the overall improvement of the comprehensive energy efficiency of enterprise parks to promote industrial enterprises and industrial parks to strengthen the management of energy consumption in the whole chain, all dimensions, and the whole process, coordinately promote the energy conservation and efficiency improvement of large and medium-sized enterprises, and systematically improve the industrial chain, the overall energy efficiency level of the supply chain. Related industrial enterprises, industrial parks and high-tech parks across the country may soon need to carry out an energy efficiency improvement action. Enterprises can actively deliver products and technologies to related industrial enterprises and industrial parks to help industrial users reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation and consumption reduction in the industrial field is an important part of my country's two-carbon action. Further improving the energy efficiency level of industrial lighting will help achieve the goal of industrial energy conservation.


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