The failure rate of embedded LED lamps in the Shanghai market in 2019 is 13.3%

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau released the quality inspection and spot check of 2019 Shanghai embedded LED lighting products. The results showed that 15 batches of products were spot-checked this time. After inspection, 2 batches failed, with a failure rate of 13.3%.

The failure rate of embedded LED lamps in the Shanghai market in 2019 is 13.3%

It is understood that this supervision spot check is based on GB 7000.202-2008 "Luminaires Part 2-2: Special Requirements for Embedded Luminaires", GB 7000.1-2015 "Luminaires Part 1: General Requirements and Tests", GB / T 17743-2017 "Limits and Measurement Methods of Radio Disturbance Characteristics of Electrical Lighting and Similar Equipment" and GB 176251-1-2012 "Electromagnetic Compatibility Limits Harmonic Current Emission Limit (Equipment Input Current ≤16A per Phase)" and other countries Standard requirements for product marking, structure, external and internal wiring, protection against electric shock, durability test and thermal test (durability test), heat resistance, fire resistance and tracking resistance, disturbance voltage (power terminal), radiated electromagnetic disturbance (30MHz-300MHz) and harmonic current limit and other items were tested.

Sampling inspection found that the trademark sold by Tangrui Lighting Sales Department, Minhang District, Shanghai, which was produced by Foshan Nanhai Lianpu Lighting Co., Ltd., was "Lianpu" LED recessed lamp (specification model: YT-15 4 inch 12W; production date : June 21, 2019) and the same place as the production and sales of the trademark "Lianpu" LED recessed lamps (specification model: YT-15 2.5 inch 5W; production date: September 18, 2018) mark, external Wiring and internal wiring, anti-shock protection items do not meet the standards.

Failure of external wiring and internal wiring (cross-sectional area of the wire) may cause the wire to generate heat during normal use and cause fire and other hazards. Unqualified protection against electric shock has potential safety hazards such as electric shock. The lack of marked content may prevent consumers from installing and using lamps properly.


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