The first group standard for advertising sign lighting LED modules released

Standards promote the high-quality development of the industry. The "Inner Translucent Advertising Sign LED Module" group standard organized by the Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association will be officially released in late August.

The first group standard for advertising sign lighting LED modules released

As an important part of smart cities, advertising and signage systems provide excellent industrial support for the ordering of urban space, the accurate display of commercial information, and the convenience of people's lives. As one of the core components of advertising and signs, the internally transparent advertising signage LED module has a significant impact on the quality of the advertising signage system. The Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association conducted a systematic survey to gain an in-depth understanding of industry needs. After standard testing and expert committee demonstrations, it launched a group standard project for internally transparent advertising signage LED modules in December 2022; Advertising signage industry chain A number of well-known companies participated in the drafting and discussion process of the standard, including Minex, Lanjing Optoelectronics, Kesai Intelligent Sign, Zigongchang, Lingbenyang, Sanyuancai and Baolianhua, etc.

After 5 months of research and work discussions, the standard formed a draft for comments, and after 2 months of soliciting public opinions, a draft for review was formed. A technical review meeting was held on July 25, 2023. The expert group consulted After deliberation and review, it was agreed that this standard has passed the review and is scheduled to be officially released to the public in late August.

The standard mainly stipulates the classification, technical requirements, inspection methods, inspection rules and marking, packaging, transportation and storage requirements of LED module products installed inside advertising light boxes, signs or similar products for internal light transmission purposes. It also stipulates supporting supporting equipment. Requirements for the electronic control devices used. Suitable for LED modules that require an additional connection to an independent power adapter or can be directly connected to the mains for operation. It can be used as a reference standard for companies or factories that develop, design and produce such LED modules. Companies are welcome to declare their adoption or reference. Relevant testing institutions, user units, professional schools and research institutions are also welcome to refer to or adopt this standard.

As a member of the National Lighting Appliances Standardization Technical Committee TC224, the Shenzhen Lighting and Display Engineering Industry Association is deeply involved in the construction and promotion of national standards related to TC224 and promotes association member units to participate in national standards. At the same time, the association has specially established a standard and testing professional The committee takes the lead in promoting the construction of group standards for the LED lighting and LED display industries. So far, the association has successively released a number of group standards, including the first "General Technical Specifications for Mini LED Commercial Displays", "Technical Specifications for Crop Breeding Accelerators" and "Specifications for Healthy Light Environment Quality Evaluation of Kindergarten Living Rooms", etc. .


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