The global LED bulb prices felled in May

In May 2017, the global LED bulb prices steadily, to replace the 40-watt incandescent LED bulb retail average price fell 1.9 percent to 6.5 US dollars; to replace the 60-watt incandescent LED bulbs, retail average price decline 0.6% for $ 8.1.

The global LED bulb prices felled in May

LED filament lamp bulbs in Europe and the United States continued to sell, Philips following the launch in February 4 LED filament light bulbs, there are several new listing in May, and the retail price is lower than the average market price.

To replace the 40-watt portion, in May Europe and the United States prices continued to fall, of which the US region fell by 3.3%, a number of manufacturers have price cuts, such as CREE 5.5W 465lm bulb, 4 only installed price of only $ 10.24, Down 9%; Philips 7W 470lm bulb, 4 installed price of only 16.48 US dollars, down 25%. UK prices fell 2.4%, in addition to the market price of the original product has been reduced, Philips introduced a 4W 470lm LED filament new, priced at only 4.9 US dollars, lower than the average market price. German prices fell 3.5%, promotions led some product prices fell significantly. As for the Asian region, mainland China prices fell 2.8%, including Philips, Foshan, lighting and other well-known manufacturers, are lowered part of the product price; Japan prices fell 3.9%, South Korea and China Taiwan prices steady.

To replace the 60-watt part of the United States fell 5.3%, the largest decline, many manufacturers have adopted low-cost strategy to seize market share. CREE 10W 815lm bulb, 8 loaded down to 36.99 US dollars, down 46%; Sunlite 10W 806lm bulb, 4 installed price of only 11.99 US dollars, down 20%. UK prices rose 1.9%, Philips introduced two new filament lamps, one of which is only 6 watts of power, luminous flux of 806lm, priced at only 6.1 US dollars. Asian region, Japan, mainland China and China Taiwan, prices are more stable.


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